A Fun Way of Educating Kids in the Taman Pintar

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Taman Pintar Park is one of the best educational recreation areas in Indonesia. This place offers a fun learning experience for all groups, from children to adults. With various interactive rides available, Taman Pintar is a favorite destination for local and foreign tourists.

As an educational tourist spot, Taman Pintar is designed to combine entertainment and education in one location. Visitors can enjoy various activities that are not only entertaining, but also educational. This place is very suitable for family visits, school groups, or anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge while on holiday.

Located in the center of Yogyakarta, Taman Pintar is easy to access and always busy with visitors, especially on weekends and school holidays. With a pleasant atmosphere and complete facilities, Taman Pintar is the main choice for many people who want to enjoy quality time while learning new things.

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Taman Pintar Facilities Rides and Their Rates

The following is a list of rides at Taman Pintar Yogyakarta and their prices:

1. Oval Building and Square Building

The Oval Building and the Square Building are science and technology demonstration zones that have various interactive props. Here, visitors can learn about various scientific phenomena in a fun and easy-to-understand way. Each prop is equipped with a guide who will explain how it works and the scientific principles behind it. Entrance tickets to the Oval Building and Square Building are IDR 12,000 for children and IDR 20,000 for adults. Apart from that, there is a special promotion where purchasing 20 tickets will get one free ticket, very suitable for school groups or large groups.

2. Dino Adventure

Dino Adventure provides a unique experience exploring a forest inhabited by various types of dinosaurs. Visitors will board a train that will take them through a replica ancient forest for five minutes, where they can see realistic dinosaur statues and hear sounds from prehistoric times. Tickets for this ride cost IDR 20,000 for children and IDR 25,000 for adults. This ride is very popular among children who are interested in dinosaurs and earth history.

3. Planetarium

The planetarium at Taman Pintar offers a stunning visual display of astronomy. For 30 minutes, visitors will be invited to explore the solar system, stars and galaxies through projections on the planetarium dome. This show provides a deeper understanding of astronomy and cosmology. The entrance ticket price to the Planetarium is IDR 22,000 for all ages, both children and adults, making it an interesting and educational ride for the whole family.

4. 4D Theatre

At Theater 4D, visitors can watch theatrical performances that use four-dimensional technology, creating an immersive and thrilling experience. This 4D technology involves synchronized visual, sound and movement effects to provide a realistic sensation. Entrance tickets to the 4D Theater are IDR 15,000 for children and IDR 20,000 for adults. This ride is very suitable for those who are looking for exciting and unique entertainment.

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5. Batik Creations

In the Batik Creation program, visitors will be taught the complete process of making batik, starting from making sketches, drawing motifs with a canting, to the coloring and drying process. This program not only teaches new skills, but also provides insight into Indonesia’s cultural heritage. The batik work created can be taken home as a keepsake. This program is available for visitors aged at least 8 years with tickets priced at IDR 18,000.

6. Pottery Creations

The Pottery Creation Program invites visitors to make various forms of pottery from clay. They will learn basic techniques for forming, carving and decorating pottery. This activity helps develop fine motor skills and creativity. The entrance ticket for this program is IDR 13,000 and is intended for visitors aged at least 8 years. The pottery you make can also be taken home.

7. Paint T-shirts

At the T-Shirt Painting ride, visitors can express their creativity by painting unique designs on t-shirts. All materials and tools are provided, and visitors can take their work home. This program is designed for visitors aged at least 8 years, with an entrance ticket priced at IDR 45,000. This is a fun activity and allows visitors to create a personal keepsake.

8. Pottery Painting

Pottery Painting allows visitors to paint and decorate previously prepared pottery products. This is a great opportunity to develop artistic skills and creativity. The entrance ticket for this program is IDR 15,000 and is available for visitors aged at least 8 years. The work that has been painted can be taken home as a souvenir.

9. Traffic Ethics Zone

The Traffic Etiquette Zone is designed for children aged 3-6 years. Here, they will be introduced to the basics of traffic etiquette through a fun driving simulation. For 10 minutes, children will learn about the importance of traffic rules and road safety. The entrance ticket for this zone is IDR 12,000. This vehicle aims to instill knowledge and good habits from an early age.

10. Hands on Science

Hand on Science is a vehicle that invites visitors to interact directly with various scientific teaching aids. Visitors will be invited to learn more about science through interactive and fun activities. Entrance ticket to this vehicle is IDR 10,000 for all ages. This is a great way to learn while playing and foster curiosity about science.

11. TV Presenter

The TV Presenter Ride provides an opportunity for visitors to experience being a television presenter. In a room equipped with equipment resembling a news studio, visitors can try presenting the news and see the results on the screen. The entrance ticket for this ride is IDR 15,000 for all ages. This experience is not only fun but also provides insight into the world of broadcasting.

12. PAUD Zone

The PAUD zone at Taman Pintar is specifically intended for children aged 3-6 years. This zone uses interactive educational props to introduce science and technology knowledge in a fun way. There are two buildings in the PAUD Zone, namely the West PAUD Building and the East PAUD Building. The entrance ticket for this zone is IDR 3,000 for children aged 3-6 years. This zone is designed to provide a fun learning experience without abandoning the concept of play.

13. Maritime Rides

Wahana Bahari invites visitors to go on a short adventure around miniature waters by mini boat. This is a fun and educational ride, providing the experience of sailing on water. The entrance ticket for this ride is IDR 6,000 for all ages. This ride is suitable for families who want to enjoy time together while learning about the maritime world.

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