Kaliurang Park Yogyakarta, a Kid-Friendly Destination to Spent With

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This information about Kaliurang Park Yogyakarta that you must arrive to spend holiday time with family or your friend. Yogyakarta is not only famous for its cultural heritage such as magnificent temples, but also offers a variety of stunning natural attractions with unique and memorable travel experiences. This city is rich in natural beauty that can refresh the soul, from mountains, beaches, to green parks that offer extraordinary views. This diversity of natural tourism makes Yogyakarta a favorite destination for many domestic and foreign tourists.

Many people, especially nature lovers, find tranquility in the beautiful natural panorama of Yogyakarta, especially around Mount Merapi. This mountain, which is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia, is surrounded by stunning natural scenery, ranging from tropical forests, clear rivers, to vast green fields. Apart from that, the cool and fresh air in this area provides a special sensation for visitors who want to unwind from their daily routine.

One of the popular natural tourist attractions on the slopes of Mount Merapi is Kaliurang Park, which has now changed its name to Kaliurang Park Botanical Garden. This park offers a variety of exciting and educational activities suitable for families and individuals. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of various types of plants, take part in environmental education activities, and try various interesting rides. With a calm atmosphere and beautiful views, Kaliurang Park Botanical Garden is the perfect tourist destination to enjoy the natural beauty of Yogyakarta.

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Kaliurang Park Botanical Garden: An Escape from the Urban Bustle

Kaliurang Park Botanical Garden wajib dikunjungi bagi kamu yang ingin melarikan diri dari suasana perkotaan yang hiruk pikuk, terutama bersama keluarga. Pemandangan Gunung Merapi berpadu dengan suasana yang tenang membuat Kaliurang Park Botanical Garden menjadi destinasi yang tepat saat berkunjung ke Jogja. Sebelum berkunjung, pastikan kamu mengetahui beberapa informasi penting berikut agar pengalaman wisatamu lebih berkesan.

1. Location information, operating hours and ticket prices

  • Lokasi: Jalan Astomulyo No. 59 Area Hutan, Kelurahan Hargobinangun, Pakanewon, Kecamatan Pakem, Kabupaten Sleman, Yogyakarta.
  • Jam Operasional: Setiap hari pukul 08.00—17.00 WIB.
  • Harga Tiket: Tiket masuk Rp30.000, tiket masuk wahana Rp10.000—Rp25.000.

2. Route to Kaliurang Park

Kaliurang Park Botanical Garden can be accessed easily using motorized vehicles because the road to the location is paved. From Yogyakarta city center, you can go straight to Jalan Ringroad Utara, then to Kaliurang highway. After passing the Kaliurang tourist payment counter, follow the road uphill until you meet the Jalan Boyong T-junction, then turn left and continue right. If you are still confused, you can ask local people or use directions from Google Maps.

3. Exciting Activities at Kaliurang Park

At Kaliurang Park Botanical Garden, there are many exciting activities you can do, from tourism, entertainment, to education about local culture and history. Some activities that can be enjoyed include:

  • Photobooth 360: Take photos or record videos with a camera that rotates 360 degrees.
  • Mountain Slide and Flying Fox: Challenge your adrenaline by sliding 100 meters long or hanging from the flying fox.
  • Cultural Education: Learn to make ecoprint and Jemparingan batik.
  • Environmental Education: Learn to sort and process waste.
  • Botanical Garden: Enjoy various types of rare plants such as the magpie flower tree and more than 100 other plant species.

4. Facilities Available at Kaliurang Park

Having been open to the general public for a long time, the Kaliurang Park management continues to maintain its facilities so that they are not neglected. In fact, they recently added several new rides to pamper visitors even more. Thus, good management ensures that this park continues to be an attractive and comfortable destination for tourists from various circles to visit.

The facilities available at Kaliurang Park are very complete and cover various visitor needs. Here, there is a prayer room for worship, food stalls in the form of cafes and restaurants, and a fairly large parking area. Apart from that, there are also clean and comfortable toilets, places to relax such as a pavilion and several small tables and chairs, as well as a large camping and picnic area. All of these facilities are designed to provide maximum comfort for visitors who come.

Not only that, Kaliurang Park also offers various interesting and entertaining rides. Visitors can try various games such as the rainbow mountain slide, which is the first slide in Jogja with attractive colors. Apart from that, there are also flying fox rides, VR cinema, snow games, high ropes and outbound training. These various rides not only provide entertainment but also challenges for visitors who want to test their adrenaline.

5. Tips for going on holiday to Kaliurang Park Botanical Garden

To ensure your travel experience is more enjoyable and safe, here are some tips you can follow:

First, make sure to check the weather forecast before leaving. Sunny weather will make outdoor activities more comfortable and safe. By knowing the weather conditions, you can prepare yourself better and avoid unwanted incidents. For example, if rain is predicted, you can bring an umbrella or raincoat to still enjoy the trip without worrying about getting wet. Apart from that, this preparation also helps you organize your visit time so you can enjoy each ride without being disturbed by bad weather.

Second, bring enough things. Some important items to bring include a smartphone, camera, change of clothes and cash. Carrying too many items can be cumbersome and increase the risk of loss. Also make sure to bring a power bank to keep your smartphone powered on during your trip, especially if you rely on digital maps or want to capture important moments. Personal items such as important medicines and hand sanitizer should also be brought to maintain health and cleanliness while traveling.

Next, take good care of your personal belongings to avoid loss. Always pay attention to your belongings, especially in crowded places. Using bags with secure closures can help reduce the risk of theft. It’s best to use a backpack that can be locked or a sling bag that is always in front of the body to make monitoring easier. Apart from that, avoid putting valuables in your back trouser pockets where other people can easily reach them. This awareness and vigilance is very important to maintain the safety of your valuables while traveling.

Apart from that, wear comfortable clothing and footwear. Because most activities are outdoors, comfortable clothing will make your activities more enjoyable. Good and comfortable shoes are also important to protect your feet while walking or doing activities. Choose clothes that absorb sweat easily and dry quickly, as well as shoes with good soles to avoid slipping. Using a hat or sunglasses can also protect you from the hot sun, make traveling more comfortable and protect the health of your skin and eyes.

Also make sure children are always under adult supervision. Outdoor environments can have many risks, so close supervision is necessary to keep children safe. Teach them to always stay within your line of sight and give them identification tags containing contact information if they get separated. Bringing a small toy or their favorite snack can help keep them calm and entertained during the trip. This extra supervision will ensure that the children can enjoy the holiday safely and you can have more peace of mind.

Lastly, keep the environment clean by not throwing rubbish carelessly and obeying existing regulations. By maintaining cleanliness, we participate in preserving natural beauty and ensuring that tourist attractions remain beautiful and comfortable for everyone to enjoy. Bring a plastic bag as a temporary trash can if there isn’t a trash can near you, and always take your trash back with you until you find a suitable trash can. Awareness of the importance of maintaining cleanliness not only shows respect for nature but also for other visitors who want to enjoy the same natural beauty. Comply with all regulations set by the tourist attraction manager to maintain the sustainability and sustainability of the tourist attraction.

Kaliurang Park Botanical Garden combines natural beauty, culture and entertainment in harmony. So, when are you going on holiday here?

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