Thudong Monks Arrive at Borobudur Temple for Vesak 2024 Celebrations

Share your love – Thudong monks have arrived at Borobudur Temple Park after a journey from Semarang on Monday, May 20, 2024.

This pilgrimage is part of the preparations for the Vesak 2024 celebrations, which will be held at Borobudur Temple on Thursday, May 23.

Jamaludin Mawardi, General Manager of the Borobudur Unit, expressed his appreciation for the monks’ spiritual journey by welcoming them warmly.

“This afternoon, we are together in welcoming the Thudong monks to Borobudur Temple Park,” he said.

Initially, the monks were to be welcomed at Kalpataru Field, but due to the hot weather, the reception was moved to Manohara. After that, the monks continued their journey to Borobudur Temple to pray at the sacred site.

Kamsai Sumano Mahathera, leader of the 2024 Thudong monks, explained that their journey from Semarang to Borobudur Temple covered about 60 kilometers.

“We come from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and have added Indonesia and Korea,” Mahathera added.

During their Thudong journey, the monks encountered many new experiences. They were invited to visit schools, sub-district offices, and received warm welcomes from people of various religions who participated in morning flower scattering activities.

“They know about Thudong and give us encouragement. Yesterday we started walking at 5:00 AM, and we were surprised to see people of all religions joining in the flower scattering, waking up before 5:00 AM,” he said.

This Thudong journey is not only a form of spiritual practice but also a moment to celebrate unity and cooperation among people of different religions in anticipation of the Vesak Day 2024 celebrations.

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