Exploring the Wonders of Borobudur 2023: Opening Hours, Admission, and the Thrill of Ascending the Temple

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Standing tall and magnificent in Central Java, Borobudur is a truly enchanting place that can leave every traveler in awe.

It doesn’t just hold valuable historical tales but also offers fascinating tourist attractions for you to explore! So, let’s find some cool and fun activities when you’re on your Borobudur adventure!


The Sailendra Dynasty built the biggest Buddha legacy in the world between 780-840 AD. They were the rulers of that time. This legacy was created as a place for worshipping Buddha and pilgrimage.

It’s filled with guidance on how humans can distance themselves from worldly desires and move towards enlightenment and wisdom according to Buddha. The British Army, led by Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles, discovered this legacy in 1814. The temple area was completely cleared by 1835.

Borobudur was constructed in the Mandala style, reflecting the universe in Buddha’s belief. The building structure is square with four entrances and a circular center.

When viewed from outside to inside, it’s divided into two parts: the worldly realm, divided into three zones on the outer part, and the Nirvana realm in the central part.

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1. Kamadhatu

The world we see and experience today.

Kamadhatu consists of 160 reliefs that explain the Karmawibhangga Sutra, which is all about the law of cause and effect. It depicts the nature and desires of humans, like robbery, murder, rape, torture, and slander.

The cover at the base has been permanently lifted so visitors can check out the hidden reliefs below. You can catch a glimpse of the entire collection of 160 relief photos at the Borobudur Museum located in the Borobudur Archaeological Park.

2. Rupadhatu

The transitional realm, where humans are free from worldly matters.

Rapadhatu features a gallery of carved stone reliefs and Buddha statues. In total, there are 328 Buddha statues, each adorned with relief carvings.

According to Sanskrit manuscripts, this section comprises 1300 reliefs depicting Gandhawyuha, Lalitawistara, Jataka, and Awadana. It stretches over 2.5 km with 1212 panels in total.

3. Arupadhatu

Three circular terraces lead to the dome in the center or the stupa, symbolizing the emergence from the world. In this section, there are no ornaments or decorations, signifying the highest purity.

The terraces here consist of circular perforated stupas, inverted bells, containing Buddha statues facing outward from the temple.

There are a total of 72 stupas. The central stupa, although not as tall as its original version at 42m above ground with a diameter of 9.9m, is surrounded by smaller stupas.

Unlike the surrounding stupas, the central one is empty, sparking debates about whether it originally contained something or if it was intentionally left vacant.

Operational Hours

Besides the grandeur of Borobudur Temple, you can catch an awesome sunrise from the top if you show up early, like between 4:00 – 6:00 AM, before they officially open.

You can do this by crashing at a nearby hotel, like Manohara Hotel, which costs around Rp 1,500,000 per night, or you could go for a more budget-friendly option and hire a Borobudur sunrise tour.

Here’s the lowdown on the opening and closing times you need to know before hitting up Borobudur:

Monday to Sunday: 6:30 AM to 4:30 PM WIB

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Ticket Entrance

There’s a difference in ticket prices for local tourists and foreign tourists. Here’s the breakdown.

  • Local tourist: Rp50,000
  • Foreign tourist: Rp 1.482.250

Parking Price

The parking space at Borobudur Temple is pretty roomy, and there are lots of shady trees around. The rates vary between weekdays and weekends/national holidays.

Monday – Thursday:

Car: Rp10,000 Bus: Rp20,000

Friday – Sunday, and National Holidays:

Car: Rp15,000 Bus: Rp25,000


The journey from Yogyakarta to Borobudur Temple takes around 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on how smoothly the traffic flows. You’ll be taking the route through Jl. Magelang.

The complete address for this historical spot is Jl. Badrawati, Borobudur Area, Borobudur District, Magelang Regency, Central Java.

What to do in Borobudur?

Standing strong and majestic in Central Java, Borobudur holds an extraordinary charm that can truly amaze any traveler.

Not only does it store valuable historical tales, but Borobudur also offers captivating tourist attractions for you to explore, my friend! So, let’s discover some exciting and fun activities when you go on a Borobudur adventure!

1. The Beautiful Sunrise

The captivating grandeur of Borobudur Temple isn’t just something to check out during the daytime.

You can soak in the beauty and luxury of Borobudur as the sun slowly rises on the eastern horizon. If you’re keen on hunting down a beautiful sunrise, make sure to roll in here nice and early, around 5 in the morning.

The sight of Borobudur becomes downright breathtaking as the sunlight gently filters through every nook and cranny of the temple, from the terraces and statues to the stupas and every carving on the temple walls. It’s bound to be an amazing experience, my friend!

2. Temple Exploration

The main thing you gotta do here, my friend, is explore the whole temple area that was built around the 8th and 9th centuries during the Syailendra dynasty.

In this massive temple complex, about 123 by 123 meters in size, you can spot 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues decorating every inch of the temple walls.

As you climb the stairs to the top, you’ll stumble upon the biggest stupa smack dab in the middle, surrounded by 72 smaller stupas. This UNESCO cultural gem is just an hour away from Jogja.

3. Historical Tourism

While hanging out in the temple area, you can dive deeper into Indonesian history by checking out three museums that stay open until 5 in the afternoon every day: Borobudur Museum, Samudraraksa Ship Museum, and MURI Museum.

At Borobudur Museum, you can lay your eyes on some archaeological artifacts and the results of temple excavations. One cool find here is an incomplete giant Buddha statue. Rumor has it, this statue was once the inner part of the largest stupa perched at the top of Borobudur, my friend.

Right next door is the Samudraraksa Ship Museum. Here, you can explore remnants of the Samudraraksa Ship, which supposedly sailed all the way from Africa to Indonesia.

And at the back of Borobudur, there’s MURI Museum waiting for you! MURI is like the Indonesian version of the Guinness Book of Records. So, while you’re here, you’ll stumble upon some rare and mind-blowing collections, my friend.

Let’s Explore Java!

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