Abang Temple History, A Ruined Temple with Full of History

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Are you planning a vacation to Yogyakarta? One of Yogyakarta’s tourist destinations that you should not miss is Abang Temple. Let’s learn about Abang Temple history. 

Abang Temple is a temple that is now covered by soil and has become a beautiful grassland hill. So, when you visit this temple, you will not be able to see the full form of this Hindu temple. However, you can see its beauty from the hills of Abang Temple. 

Interested in visiting Abang Temple? Read the information about Abang Temple first. 

Abang Temple History

Abang Temple is a hilltop temple located about 1.5 kilometers west of Yogyakarta-Piyungan Road. More precisely, this temple is located in Jogotirto Village which is included in the Berbah District. 

The shape of Abang Temple resembles a pyramid. Then, why is it called Abang Temple? 

The meaning of the word ‘abang’ is red. This temple is called Abang Temple because of its construction made of red bricks. 

Abang Temple is estimated to have been built between the 9th century and the 10th century. To be more precise, this temple was built during the reign of the Ancient Mataram Kingdom. 

Why was this temple built in a highland area? It is based on their belief that the highlands are where the Gods reside. 

At the moment, you can only see it as a hill. However, under the hill there is a temple building that is hundreds of years old. 

When the rainy season arrives, this hill will be filled with green grass and stretches as far as the eye can see. When entering the dry season, the condition of this hill will become more arid and tend to be red in color. 

This temple holds a myth. According to the myth, Abang Temple is a place used to store treasure in ancient times. 

Because of this myth, Abang Temple suffered damage caused by irresponsible people. In November 2022, there was a theft case experienced by the manager of Abang Temple. 

abang temple history

Exploring Abang Temple

Abang Temple has a size of about 36 meters x 34 meters. However, the height of the temple is not mentioned. 

Abang Temple has a pyramid-shaped design and is equipped with a well located in the center. In addition, Abang Temple also has stairs that can be used by tourists to explore. 

If you visit this temple, you will see the beautiful Teletubbies Hill. When visiting this place, you can enjoy the scenery while taking pictures. 

Being on top of the hill will also give you a pleasant experience. You will feel refreshed because of the green view of grass and trees that you can see from the top of the hill. 

Some people visit Abang Temple for different purposes. However, most of them visit this temple for photography. Aside from the fact that the temple is worth photographing, it is also a great object to take photos of. 

Another uniqueness of this temple is related to its location. The location of Abang Temple is in a remote area on a green hill. From the top of this hill, tourists can get many beautiful panoramas that will satisfy their photography hobby. 

Abang Temple has become one of the favorite spots for tourists and the people of Yogyakarta to do photo hunting, picnics, or pre-wedding photos. For those of you who want to do a photo session at this temple, you should come in the morning or afternoon when the sun is not too hot. 

Apart from wanting to channel their photography hobby, some people visit Abang Temple because they want to learn about the history of Abang Temple. Some of them may want to find out more information about Abang Temple. For those of you who want to learn more about Abang Temple, we recommend that you hire a local guide. 

Another uniqueness that might attract tourists to visit Abang Temple is that this temple is different from other temples. While most temples are made of andesite stone, Abang Temple is made of red bricks. 

As explained earlier, the temple hill will look arid and red during the dry season. Then, the hill will become lush and green again during the rainy season. 

You can choose your preferred time to visit this temple as each season offers a unique atmosphere. However, most people choose to visit this place during the rainy season when the hill looks green and cool. 

Ticket Price and Opening Hours

To enter Abang Temple, you only need to pay a ticket of IDR 2,000. For vehicle parking, you only need to pay IDR 2,000 for motorcycle parking and IDR 5,000 for car parking. This tourist attraction is open every day from 07.00 to 18.00 WIB. 

Route to Abang Temple

Abang Temple is located in Berbah, Sleman. To get to the temple location, you can use a private vehicle to Sleman Regency. 

After arriving in Sleman, you can take the route of Jalan Imogiri Timur and Situmulyo Segoroyoso. The goal is to arrive at Jogotirto Village, Berbah, Sleman. 

To reach this temple, you have to pass through the steep road to the temple. That is why, you cannot use a vehicle and have to walk about 10 minutes from the vehicle parking lot. 

Nearby Destinations

Besides visiting Abang Temple, there are several other tourist destinations that are not far from the location of this temple that you can visit. Here are some of the nearby tourist destinations from Abang Temple.

  • Sentosa Cave
  • Japan Cave
  • Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Monument
  • Bangkel Mountain

That’s a glimpse of the history of Abang Temple. Hopefully, the information above is useful. Have a nice vacation!

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