Jakarta to Jomblang Cave: Your Step-by-Step Travel Manual

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Do you want to go on holiday to Jomblang Cave from Jakarta? The following is a travel guide from Jakarta to Jomblang Cave from yogyakartatour.com. Check out the information below.

Jomblang Cave

Get to know one of the tourist destinations in Yogyakarta, namely Jomblang Cave. Jomblang Cave is located in Semanu District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta.

Jomblang Cave has an attraction, namely a spectacular natural view, namely the large hole in the roof of the cave which allows sunlight to enter the cave. This is the attraction of Jomblang Cave.

Jombang Cave was formed from a sinkhole in Gunung Kidul. To enjoy Jomblang Cave, tourists will be lowered approximately 50 meters by rope then descend down the tunnel to Grubug Cave which is flooded with sunlight.

Jomblang Cave was formed by a unique geological process. This cave is located below ground level and has steep vertical gaps. This gap was formed due to weathering and erosion processes that occurred over thousands of years.

As a result of this unique geological process, Jomblang Cave has a unique shape so that many visitors come to just enjoy the view and also get an adrenaline rush by going down the cave.

Visitors will feel a new atmosphere, namely watching a ray of sunlight from the top hole. When you go to Jogja, of course you must try visiting this tourist destination.

Transportation Alternatives

For those of you who are interested in visiting Jomblang Cave from Jakarta, here are travel guide tips from Jakarta to Jomblang Cave.

Private vehicle

Alternative transportation from Jakarta to Jomblang Cave is to use a private vehicle. By using a private vehicle, your trip will be much more flexible. You can also explore other tourist destinations if you use a private vehicle.

The costs incurred using private vehicles are also more affordable. However, the disadvantage of using a private vehicle is that you need to determine the route you will take. Apart from that, you will be much more tired if you drive from Jakarta to Jomblang Cave.


Transportation from Jakarta to Jomblang Cave, you can use a plane. You can board a plane from Soekarno-Hatta or Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport to Yogyakarta International Airport.

After arriving at Yogyakarta International Airport, you can use a taxi or car service at the airport to go to Jomblang Cave.


If you want to go to Jomblang Cave leisurely from Jakarta, you can use the train. Traveling by train will take quite a long time. However, during the trip you will be presented with natural views and areas that you may not find in Jakarta.

Traveling from Jakarta to Jomblang Cave by train, you can get off at Lempuyangan station or Yogyakarta station.

After arriving at Yogyakarta or Lempuyangan Station, you can use other transportation such as buses and taxis or online motorbike taxis to the Jomblang Cave location.


An alternative vehicle from Jakarta to Jomblang Cave is by bus. This bus transportation is very suitable for those of you who want to vacation with a group to Jomblang Cave.

Tourism Packages

If you want to get to Jomblang Cave from Jakarta more easily, you can use a tour package. This tour package is more practical because your trip and entrance ticket are included in the initial payment. You don’t need to bother spending money over and over again.

One of the recommendations for a trusted Jomblang Cave tour package provider is yogyakartatour.com. The tour package service provided by yogyakartatour.com has the best facilities as your travel companion. Get a new, fun holiday experience with yogyakartatour.com.

Transportation Costs from Jakarta to Jomblang Cave

jakarta to jomblang cave

Going on holiday to Jomblang Cave from Jakarta certainly requires transportation. Regarding relative transportation costs, it depends on what type of transportation you will use. The following are details of holiday transportation costs to Jomblang Cave.


Private vehicle IDR 500,000- IDR 1,500,000
Aircraft IDR 467,000 – IDR 1,600,000
Train IDR 420,000- IDR 1,800,000
Bus IDR 170,000-IDR 400,000
Tour packages US$47-US$90

What is the Cheapest Way to Get from Jakarta to Jomblang Cave?

The cheapest way to go from Jakarta to Jomblang Cave is by bus. Buses are public transportation that are often used by travelers and the costs are quite minimal. However, even though using the bus is quite affordable, a holiday to Jomblang Cave from Jakarta requires preparing the costs and also the best route using the bus.

The reason is using a public bus from Jakarta to Goa Jomblang, you will get off at the terminal then continue using a local bus from Yogyakarta called Trans Jogja. After using Trans Jogja, you are also advised to use a motorbike taxi to get to the Jomblang Cave location.

What is the Best Way to Get from Jakarta to Jomblang Cave?

The best way to go from Jakarta to Jomblang Cave is to use a tour package. This tour package makes it very easy for you, you don’t need to think about routes, think about other costs because you use a tour package, you only need to pay the initial costs.

One of the Jomblang Cave tour packages by yogyakartatour.com. This tour service is a new friend for a fun and exciting holiday.

How Long Does It Take to Drive?

The time needed to drive from Jakarta to Jomblang Cave is relative depending on what transportation is used. If you use a private vehicle or bus, it will take approximately 8 hours 30 minutes.

If you use the train, the time needed to travel is around 6 to 8 hours.

The fastest trip to Jakarta Goa Jomblang is by plane which only takes 1 to 2 hours

When is the Best Time to Travel to Jomblang Cave?

If you are interested in traveling to Jomblang Cave, the best time to visit this tourist destination is June – September. This month enters the dry season so you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sunlight entering the gaps in the Jomblang cave.

For the arrival time to Jomblang Cave, it is recommended that you arrive at the location at 09.00 WIB so that you can enjoy the beauty of Jomblang Cave with satisfaction. Avoid weekends or holidays because Jomblang Cave tends to be busier than usual

What is the route from Jakarta to Jomblang Cave?

The best route from Jakarta to Jomblang Cave depends on what type of transportation you use. You can experience the beautiful travel routes using land transportation such as trains, buses or cars.

For the best route, you can follow the directions to Wonosari then head to Pacarejo Village, then you will find the location of Jomblang Cave.

What can you do in Jomblang Cave?

jakarta to jomblang cave

Tourists who visit Jomblang Cave will find many new things that may not be found when visiting other tourist destinations.

One of the attractions of Jomblang Cave is the gap in sunlight entering Jomblang Cave. This is what causes tourists to be interested in coming to Jomblang Cave. The view is so stunning that Jomblang Cave has the nickname of a tourist destination with a bright paradise.

Another activity that visitors can do is go down to the cave. Here tourists’ adrenaline will increase because the destination is located at a depth of 60 meters.

Inside Jomblang Cave, tourists will also find clear water pools and several types of ancient plants growing around the base of Jomblang Cave.

How interesting isn’t a holiday trip from Jakarta to Jomblang Cave? This is information from Yogyakartatour.com as a travel service provider.

Hopefully the information provided can broaden readers’ insight.

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