Stunning Stone Carvings on Breksi Cliff

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br - Stunning Stone Carvings on Breksi Cliff -

Tebing Breksi is one of the former mining tourist destinations located in Groyokan Hamlet, Sambirejo Village, Prambanan District, Sleman Regency, D.I. Yogyakarta. Initially, Tebing Breksi was a rock mining area that was a source of livelihood for the surrounding residents. The rocks in Tebing Breksi were originally ash thrown by Mount Nglanggeran during an eruption decades ago. Cubic meters of ash settled into mud and hardened into rocks. Weather and time turned the ash from the eruption into large rocks in Sambirejo Village.

In 2014, a joint team of researchers from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and the National Development University (UPN) conducted a review of Tebing Breksi and they found a rare type of tuffaceous rock. So mining had to be stopped and in 2015 Tebing Breksi was designated as one of Yogyakarta’s Geoheritage.

Since then, the local community has taken the initiative to develop Tebing Breksi with their creativity. This ex-mining cliff about 30 meters high is carved into reliefs and puppet stories decorated with details on the carvings. The beauty of the artistic work produced is then disseminated using social media, so that Tebing Breksi becomes a popular tourist destination among the community.

Stunning Stone Carvings on Breksi Cliff

Tebing Breksi presents an extraordinarily beautiful natural view because this tourist attraction is located at 200 meters above sea level, so visitors can see the city of Yogyakarta from a height. Especially when the sun is about to set, visitors will be treated to the beautiful sunset on Tebing Breksi.

Although around Tebing Breksi there are several other tourist options, such as Ratu Boko Temple and Ijo Temple, visitors who come to Tebing Breksi never recede. So, what is the attraction of Tebing Breksi? It turns out that with only an entrance ticket of IDR 10,000, visitors are treated to the beauty of cliff carvings and natural scenery.

There are several spots in the Tebing Breksi area, namely Balkondes Sambirejo, Watu Tapak, Dragon Statue and Wayang Relief. Here is the description:

1. Balkondes Sambirejo

Balkondes (Balai Ekonomi Desa) is one of the BUMN programs, to improve the community’s economy. One of them is Balkondes Sambirejo which is located in the Taman Tebing Breksi tourist area. Established in 2017 sponsored by PT. Telkom. Balkondes Sambirejo is a restaurant and lodging with a semi-traditional design. Various rooms such as: Joglo Ayodya, Limasan Wismamitra, Dasarata meeting room, and lodging

balkondes. min 980x653 1 - Stunning Stone Carvings on Breksi Cliff -

2. Patung Naga

The Dragon Statue Carving in Tebing Breksi Tourism Park is made based on philosophy, to become an artistry of Tebing Breksi. This carving is on the side of a small cliff designed by the sculptor himself, Kasdwiyanto. This design is a combination of Balinese and Yogyakarta dragon carvings. According to Javanese philosophy, dragon means the guardian. Symbolically, Tebing Breksi is under the Ijo temple. Like the main temple, there is a Lingga Yoni (Female Statue) in the shape of a dragon.

naga. min 980x653 1 - Stunning Stone Carvings on Breksi Cliff -

The carving was made in 2016. The process took three months, because the sculptor did not focus on the dragon carving alone. He also worked on the carving of the letters “Tebing Breksi.” Currently, this carving is one of the interesting photo spots. Tourists also like the Dragon Statue carving and take selfies there.

3. Wayang Relief

Wayang Relief in Tebing Breksi Tourism Park is one of the instagrammable photo spots. This relief was made in early 2016 and completed in six weeks. The stone was carved by Kasdwiyanto, a 37-year-old native sculptor from Sambirejo village.

wayang min 1024x683 1 - Stunning Stone Carvings on Breksi Cliff -

Wayang relief analogizes the war between virtue and evil. Evil is depicted by Buto Cakil lying on his back impaled by a keris. Depicting stone mining, some people see it as destroying nature. Although the community seeks a livelihood and depends on life there. Goodness is depicted by Raden Arjuna, which means beauty symbolizes tourism.

4. Photo Spot with Owls

One of the interesting photo spots is a photo with the Owls at the Tebing Breksi Tourism Park. There is an interesting impression because these birds are tame and easy to pose for the camera. There are six Owls around the Tebing Breksi stairs. The six are of the Sumatran Bubo, Buffy Fish, and Oriental Obay types, each with two. The Sumatran Bubo Owl has the largest body compared to the others, so it looks scarier. While the Buffy Fish has a fairly large body after the Sumatran Bubo and eats the most often. Then, for the Oriental Obay type, its body size is the smallest, its feathers are brown-cream, and it looks the most active. There are photographers available here to capture the moments of tourists. If tourists want to take pictures, they just have to give a voluntary fee.

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Visitors can also get around the tourist area by renting an offroad car. Not only that, Tebing Breksi also provides a Seneng background and an amphitheater used for meetings, coffee breaks, art performances, and other events with a circular design like ancient Greek theater.

The facilities provided by the Tebing Breksi management are also quite complete. Starting from a large parking area and all types of vehicles are available with separate places, both for bicycles, motorbikes, cars, buses, offroad cars for rent, and so on. In addition, starting from the parking area to the tourist attraction, the path is designed inclusively with a disabled path. The tourist attraction amenities provided by the management are also very adequate, including 3 dining spots, a mosque and prayer room, cafe, toilet, souvenir shop, and so on.

The safety and security of visitors are also very much considered, considering the condition of the cliff which is at a height, so that several signs must be provided for safety, evacuation routes, and service information in an emergency. The Tebing Breksi tourist attraction has also been connected to the currently developing information technology. This can be seen from the ticket reservations that can be made online and the provision of wifi facilities in the dining area.


The best timing to visit this area is in the afternoon right before the sun goes down, because the weather would be so hot if you come here on the midday and this place is also ex-quarry land so there aren’t many trees around. If you visit this area, it is better for you to bring hat, umbrella, or sunblock then you won’t get sunburn.

Breksi Cliff is opened daily starting at 5 a.m to 6 p.m. In this Breksi cliff the tourist can enjoy the sunrise and sunset. The sunlight which is reflected on the limestone cliff will give us the incredible view. This moment would become nice spot also for your photoshoot because it will make your picture having good effect. So that’s why The Cliff of Breksi becomes the photographer’s favorite location.

The beauty of Tebing Breksi is the result of the creativity of ex-miners who are trying to shift their livelihoods from the mining sector to the tourism sector. If you want to visit Tebing Breksi and other tourist destinations in Yogyakarta, trust Yogyakarta Tour Yogyakarta Tour to visit various interesting destinations such as Borobudur & Prambanan Temple, Sultan Palace – Tamansari Watercastle, and also Merapi Mount Sunrise.

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