Sun, Sand, and Serenity: Relaxing on Yogyakarta Beach (15 Beach Recommendations in Yogyakarta)

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Do you want to go on holiday to Yogyakarta to enjoy the beach but don’t know which beach to go to? The following are recommendations for charming Yogyakarta beach must to visit.

Yogyakarta has a variety of beach tourist destinations spread along the southern coast. The beaches in Yogyakarta are the main choice for tourists not only because of the alluring beauty of the blue sea water.

Visitors can experience various exciting experiences, such as sandboarding, snorkeling, riding a wagon, and riding an ATV along the beach.

Apart from that, they can enjoy delicious dishes and immortalize the moment by taking photos in Instagrammable locations.

Even though it doesn’t have a long coastline, Yogyakarta has many interesting beaches to visit with beautiful views.

There are many beach tourism options. Below are several interesting Yogyakarta beach tourist destinations to visit.

1. Parangtritis Beach

yogyakarta beach

Yogyakarta beach tourism is charming by Parangtritis Beach. Parangtritis Beach is the most famous beach in Yogyakarta. Located about 27 kilometers from downtown Yogyakarta, Parangtritis offers wide white sand, big waves and beautiful sunset views.

The unique thing about Parangtritis beach is that it is surrounded by coral cliffs and sand mountains called gumuk. At this beach location, visitors can rent an ATV or ride a wagon to get around the Parangtritis beach area.

2. Parangkusumo Beach

yogyakarta beach

The next Yogyakarta beach tourist attraction is Parangkusumo Beach which is located not far from Parangtritis Beach. This beach is in a straight line with Parangtritis beach.

Parangkusumo Beach is one of the beaches in the Parangtritis area which is considered sacred, believed by local people to be the main gate to the magical palace in the southern sea which is the kingdom of the Queen of the South Sea, the ruler of the South Sea. Therefore, Parangkusumo Beach is often used as a location for traditional labuhan ceremonies, where offerings or uba rampe are thrown into the sea.

Parangkusumo Beach is surrounded by sand dunes, of which there are only three in Southeast Asia, apart from the Philippines and Vietnam. About 700 meters from the beach, visitors will find the Parangkusumo Sand Dunes, where they can try sandboarding.

3. Goa Cemara Beach

yogyakarta beach

The third Yogyakarta beach tour by Goa Cemara Beach. Goa Cemara Beach has a pine forest that covers the beach. Visitors can enjoy the freshness of the beach under the shade of shrimp pine trees which form a cavity resembling a cave.

Apart from the pine forest, tourists also have the opportunity to climb to the 40 meter high lighthouse which is located not far from Goa Cemara Beach. From the top of the lighthouse, there is a beautiful view of the beaches around Goa Cemara, the vast pine forest and the stunning blue sea.

This beach also provides culinary seafood and produce as souvenirs, such as purple sweet potatoes and red onions. To explore around the beach, visitors can rent an ATV. Goa Cemara Beach also has a sea turtle conservation, where with certain packages, visitors can participate in releasing hatchlings or baby turtles into the sea.

4. Depok Beach

The next Yogyakarta beach tourist attraction is Depok Beach. This beach is a favorite destination for culinary fans, because there are a number of traditional food stalls that provide various seafood dishes lined up not far from the beach. Some food stalls are even specifically designed to face south, so you can enjoy seafood while you enjoy them

Visitors can enjoy views of the open sea with high waves. Enjoying the relaxed atmosphere on the beach while enjoying seafood culinary delights are two fun activities on this beach. Seafood at Depok Beach tastes delicious and fresh because it is taken directly from fishermen who rest on the beach. The prices also tend to be affordable.

5. Glagah Beach

The next Yogyakarta beach tourist attraction is Glagah Beach. Glagah Beach, one of the famous beaches in Kulon Progo Regency, offers two different views, namely the lagoon on one side and the breakwater on the other side.

The waves at Glagah Beach are very strong, especially during the new moon. A beautiful view is formed when hundreds of tetrapods are neatly arranged, breaking the powerful waves, providing an interesting experience for tourists.

On the other hand, visitors can enjoy the tranquility of the wide lagoon. Local residents provide small tourist boats and duck boats for children who want to play.

6. Timang Beach

yogyakarta beach

The sixth Yogyakarta beach tourist attraction is Timang Beach. Timang Beach has beautiful views as well as towering coral cliffs, fierce waves, and small islands scattered around it.

Timang Beach provides an unforgettable experience for visiting tourists. The uniqueness of this beach lies in its amazing natural phenomenon, namely the bamboo suspension bridge that connects the mainland with the isolated Timang Island.

This suspension bridge is known as the “gondola” or “devil’s bridge” by local residents because of the thrilling sensation it offers when crossing it.

To reach Timang Island, visitors need to ride a gondola pulled by coast guards using a rope. The thrilling sensation and adrenaline that you feel when you are on a gondola with strong waves and coral cliffs below, makes this experience so unique and unforgettable.

7. Indrayanti Beach

The seventh Yogyakarta beach tourist attraction is Indrayanti beach. Indrayanti Beach in Gunung Kidul Regency is a heavenly destination filled with beautiful beaches in Yogyakarta.

One of the famous beaches in Gunung Kidul is Indrayanti Beach. The journey to this beach takes about two hours from Yogyakarta City. Even though the journey is quite long, the beautiful scenery at Indrayanti Beach makes it worth it.

Indrayanti Beach has white sand that stretches from east to west. Even though it is often visited by tourists, the cleanliness of this beach is still maintained. The facilities at Indrayanti Beach are also very complete, including restaurants, accommodation or homestays, prayer rooms, and a large parking area. Visitors also have the opportunity to experience the sensation of testing their adrenaline by renting a jetski at Indrayanti Beach.

8. Sundak Beach

The next Yogyakarta beach tourist attraction is Sundak Beach. Not far from Indrayanti Beach, tourists can visit Sundak Beach.

Sundak Beach also has extensive white sand and transparent sea water. Sundak Beach is characterized by a small coral reef that stretches up to 30 meters from the shore. The uniqueness lies in the fact that the coral surface is not rough, it even feels soft on the feet because it is covered with sea plants that look like grass.

According to local residents, Sundak Beach was previously known as Wedimbedah, which means split sand. This is because during the rainy season, water from land flows to the beach and divides the beach sand like a small river. The name of this beach was changed to Sundak Beach in 1976.

9. Nguluran Beach

The ninth Yogyakarta beach tourist attraction is Nguluran Beach. Nguluran Beach is special because it provides several interesting rides for tourists, including a glass terrace. Visitors can take photos on the glass terrace which provides a backdrop of the Indian Ocean as far as the eye can see.

The Glass Terrace is an area with various rides and interesting photo spots. Starting from the terrace on the cliff with a glass floor, so that the waves crashing under the cliff can be seen clearly.

There is also an extreme swing ride which gives the effect as if visitors are floating in the air against a blue sea background. All of this can be found on the Nguluran Beach Glass Terrace.

The Glass Terrace at Nguluran Beach can be considered one of the newest tourist destinations in Jogjakarta which not only provides a unique experience, but also provides an aesthetic vehicle for taking photos, especially for Instagram users.

10. Sadranan Beach

The tenth Yogyakarta beach tourist attraction is Sadranan beach. Sadranan Beach is unique compared to other beaches in Gunung Kidul because there are many coral rocks close to the beach.

This large rock functions as a wave barrier, so that when you reach the shore, the water is calmer.

At Sadranan Beach, tourists can enjoy various activities such as snorkeling and canoeing. Tourists can rent snorkeling equipment, and a guide will accompany them to explore the underwater beauty. Apart from that, visitors can also paddle a canoe around the beach and towards large rocks.

11. Kukup Beach

The next Yogyakarta beach tourist attraction is Kukup Beach. Located in Gunungkidul Regency, this beach offers a calm atmosphere and natural beauty. Kukup Beach is famous for its rocks and cliffs that provide exotic views.

Kukup Beach is unique with its wide white sand, adding to the beauty of this beach. This beach has a calm, shallow sea area about 100 meters from the shoreline.

This shallow area is bordered by a mound of coral reef at the end of the beach, as if to protect the beach from big waves. This shallow area on the edge of Kukup beach contains coral reefs, starfish, and various types of unique marine ornamental fish, as well as various other marine biota that can be clearly seen from above.

12. Ngandong Beach

The next Yogyakarta beach tourist attraction is Ngandong Beach. Ngandong Beach offers unspoiled natural beauty. This beach is known for the pine trees that grow along the coast.

Ngandong Beach has greenish, clear and clean sea water. The waves are not too big and the wide coastline will fascinate visitors. In one corner of the beach, visitors will find fishing boats neatly arranged with colorful designs, ideal for photography fans to capture.

13. Drini Beach

The next Yogyakarta beach tourist attraction is Drini beach. This beach has white sand and a quiet atmosphere, suitable for those looking for tranquility.

The uniqueness of Drini beach is that there is a small island that divides the beach into two parts, with different wave characteristics on the east and west sides. The east side has gentle and calm waves, perfect for bathing and relaxing like being in a giant bathtub. Here, visitors can also see cute fish and various marine life at low tide.

14. Wediombo Beach

Yogyakarta beach tourism by Wediombo Beach. This beach, which is also located in Gunungkidul, offers stunning views of karst cliffs. Its natural beauty makes Wediombo Beach an interesting place to visit.

Wediombo Beach is a tourist destination and protected marine conservation area in Yogyakarta. This beach forms a bay surrounded by coral hills with extensive white sand. Visitors can enjoy beautiful natural views, especially at sunset. This beach offers white sand, a place to relax and sunbathe, as well as the experience of enjoying the sunset because of its position facing west.

15. Nglambor Beach

yogyakarta beach

The last Yogyakarta beach tourist attraction is Nglambor Beach. This beach has become a popular destination among tourists.

Access to this beach may be somewhat difficult, therefore it is recommended for visitors who come by car to park in the area provided and continue the journey to the beach on foot.

The uniqueness of Nglambor Beach lies in the two large rocks that resemble giant turtles at the front. These giant turtles, named Watu Kalong and Watu Kuntul, function as wave breakers, making the water at Nglambor Beach calmer. So, visitors can safely enjoy snorkeling activities there. The seabed of Nglambor Beach holds a diversity of marine life, ornamental fish and beautiful coral reefs.

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